Do you like to sing? Or maybe even if you don’t?

Struts & Faucet’s artist-in-residence Lou Sheppard is seeking chorus members to perform a choral soundscape based on birdsong in the Waterfowl park. Working with species who’s populations are in decline Sheppard translates spectrograms of birdsongs into musical notation, as an attempt to sound what is missing from the sonic environment. With the help of Choral Conductor Pamela Hart (The Forever Chorus, Montreal) we will create a choral soundscape based on birdsong. A performance of our soundscape will take place outdoors in the waterfowl park on Saturday, June 8th.

All voices welcome—no experience needed—just a willingness to try using your voice in a different way!

Chorus members would need to be available the evening of June 8th (Saturday) for the performance as well as a few evenings in the weeks leading up to the performance for practice.

If you are interested please get in touch with Lou ( and/or drop by Struts & Faucet on Tuesday evening, May 28th, at 7pm.