July 27, 2015 - 7pm – 10pm

7 Lorne Street

SAD grid

The Society of Anonymous drawers was founded in 1967, and rebooted in 2014 by three undergraduate students at Mount Allison University to create an open and active drawing environment, free from the hierarchies and insecurities that are the scourge of creativity.

The Society of Anonymous Drawers will host an extravagant evening of anonymous, uninhibited drawing. The drawing space will be an excruciatingly detailed replica of the Society’s original headquarters. Throughout the extravaganza the work made will be documented and uploaded The Society’s digital archive (facebook.com/societyofanonymousdrawers) for all to see. In the Society’s tradition, visitors will be invited to don masks for the most thoroughly anonymous drawing experience. All materials will be provided and all ages, drawing levels and levels of enthusiasm are welcome.

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