July 28, 2015 - July 30, 2015

Tuesday July 28, 1pm – 3pm
Wednesday July 29, 1pm – 3pm
Thursday July 30, 1pm – 3pm

Locations to be discovered.


‘In An Instant’ is a street side exhibit that collects a photocopier, lenses, mirrors and cutting edge 19th century pre-cinematic know how to create an experience that examines contemporary notions of instant photography. After viewing historical artifacts viewers and participants will use unprecedented technology to make instant photographic prints that can be turned into moving pictures … instantly!

The Museum of New Ideas is a new-media art gallery, studio and technology museum located inside a tiny delivery-van. Measuring 5ft deep by 6ft wide by 6ft high it is accessible via a grand but also small staircase. Playfully drifting within the relative cultural and architectural stability of the urban landscape the museum seeks to explore possibilities of proposition, interaction and discussion of all things technological and photographic within public space.

Andrew John Milne is a self-taught Winnipeg based Interdisciplinary Artist that interweaves New Media, Film, Photography and Performance. He has a background in mechanical, electrical and computer design, contemporary dance, photography and film. In this work Milne approaches cutting edge media with obsolesced technologies and materials, constructing anachronistic yet functional devices that draw ‘mechanism’ into a post-cinematic dream space that realizes future mechanisms of seeing and quantifying.

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of New Ideas, a mobile new media exhibition and studio space, and is a founding member of Bent Light, a post-cinema film collective.













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