April 12, 2018, 7:30 PM

Feminism, A Label Slapped onto Consumer Goods

Engaging in the direct relationship of marketing and advertising to feminism, Kayla’s art practice investigates contemporary ideas about consumer culture through visual art and performance. In this talk, Kayla will examine the history of feminist movements being coopted by advertising companies to market their products to consumers, sharing her research and thoughts on commodity feminism or marketplace feminism, a process of harnessing the language of feminism while also depoliticizing and decontextualizing the ideology to market products to consumers. Kayla will discuss her recent body of work“Always You!”, as well as the work she’ll be creating during her residency at Struts & Faucet. Kayla’s work is often satirical, incorporating absurdity and humour.

Kayla is the Open Studio artist-in-residence at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre until May 5, 2018. The Open Studio program is made possible through support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture, the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, and the Town of Sackville.