October 12, 2016 – 7:30pm

Please join us at Struts & Faucet for an artist talk with artist-in-residence Liss Platt.

Liss Platt is a media artist whose recent photo-based and film work promotes deep observation of quotidian spaces and objects as a form of portraiture and self-portraiture. While in residence, Liss will be working on an experimental film using optical printing and hand processing techniques. Titled familiar/film•aria, the piece is, in the first instance, about something that is familiar (the bicycle). But contained within the familiar is a ‘film’ and an ‘aria,’ or by implication, a filmic aria. The intention is to create a song on film (and to film) where the film, as it moves away from its representational function (recognizable images of the bicycle), becomes a metaphor for the self and a contemplation of the film medium. This will be achieved through the creation of a word poem made up of the deconstruction of the word ‘familiar’ which will be juxtaposed to the deconstruction of the image (through re-printing of the film).

Liss Platt has participated in residencies at The Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, The MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, and Daimon in Quebec, and The Independent Imaging Retreat (aka Film Farm) in Ontario. She lives in Hamilton, ON and is an Associate Professor of Multimedia at McMaster University.