January 23, 2018, 7pm - 9pm

Artists need good quality images to present their work to arts juries, galleries and web presentation. This workshop will cover basic lighting techniques and camera setup for artists who wish to document their artwork. If time permits, we will look at post processing the images using Adobe Lightroom and/or Bridge and Photoshop. Participants should bring their own cameras if possible.

Hosted by Paul Litherland

Paul Litherland is a visual artist/performer living in Montreal. His wide-ranging practice incorporates themes of masquerade, vulnerability, and machismo, explored through photography and multimedia performances and installations. Works such as Force Majeure and Lift vs Drag are drawn from experiences as a skydiver and BASE jumper, while his explorations of the relationship between a copy and its original emerge from years of documenting artworks as a professional photographer. He lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. He has been photographing artwork for more than 20 years, and has taken some 280,000 photos of paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints and performances of some of Canada’s best known artists as well as those new to the milieu.

$10 for members
$20 for non-members
Space is limited, so please register in advance – email todd@strutsgallery.ca