June 16, 2015 - June 27, 2015

Part of The Living is Easy: a series of projects by Struts & Faucet members

In 2013, John and his wife Amanda bought a rural property in Wood Point, New Brunswick. Until they “bought the farm,” the land, with its accompanying farmhouse, had been in continuous ownership by one family since the 1770s. Reckoning with this weighty past, Haney’s summer members’ project will present objects and artifacts from the house and property, complemented by a suite of photograms made of and by the fields and forest, at night.

JOHN HANEY was born and currently lives in Ontario, but got his heart stuck on fenceposts in both Sackville, NB, and St. John’s, NL. His work is firmly rooted in large-format analogue photography, but also includes sculpture, installation, and wood engraving, and most recently explores transition and interstitial space. Halfway through his MFA at the Univeristy of Guelph, he lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with his wife, writer Amanda Jernigan, their two boys, and faithful dog.

The Living is Easy is a series of projects by Struts & Faucet members: a platform for the research, production, and presentation of new works.