January 20, 2019 - February 23, 2019

Amateurs, introverts, timid and furtive types: come drum!

Open Studio artist-in-residence Colleen/Coco Collins has set up a space especially for you to drum/ learn to drum/ make your secret beats, alone and mostly unheard and unseen . . .

Contact Coco at Struts Gallery to set up a time [colleencollins@ns.sympatico.ca], or come by Tuesdays after gallery hours between 5 PM & 6 PM . . .

We’ll have drums and sticks, and Coco will gently attend until you are settled, and then retreat with headphones so you can experience glorious drum autonomy and catharsis!

. . . you might:
* hit hard and make mistakes!
* graze gently!
* listen, and hear yourself . . .
* forgo perfectionism and embrace errors!
* unslack, and tighten your grasp . . .

I am a Nova Scotia-based interdisciplinary artist. My work centers on temporality, presumptions of sentience, subversion, rhythm, geographies, architectures, the ouroboric and the polyglottic. I’ve studied fine and conceptual art at the Burren College of Art in Ireland, the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, and Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in New Zealand; I’ve studied English at the University of New Brunswick. I’ve studied music through the Royal Conservatory, and in dark bars across lands for years as half of my band Construction & Destruction. I live with animals, regret, appetite, gratitude, and my partner Dave.

– Colleen/Coco Collins