November 28, 2016: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

We will be going through some of Struts & Faucet’s newest sound gear: contact mics, binaural mics, lav’s and condenser mics along with new Zoom Recorders. We will touch gear, talk about choosing the proper mic for your recording and Todd will chat about sound for film, foley and respond to participants questions. This hands-on evening is intended as an informal get-together to try out some of our new equipment and answer questions. This is a free event open to members and non-members

Ad Hoc Workshop is a series of informal/casual workshop-like events designed to introduce local artists, students and the generally curious to new equipment and production possibilities at Faucet Media Arts Centre.

These get-togethers will be happening on the last week of each month for the Fall season. We will focus on a specific topic, technology or equipment each evening – look for the posters or check the website for specific information on individual evenings.