April 7, 2006 - April 29, 2006



coco3Round Error is the overall name of an international group show of sound, internet and video/animation/film artists. The chosen artists are a mixture of established, mid career and emerging practitioners who have been curated by the COCOSOL1DC1T1 commissioning body over the past three years.

The Tensile series of works have been chosen from the 3 years in which COCOSOL1DC1T1 have been commissioning and curating video, internet and sound work from artists around the world. The theme that has run through all the projects chosen for this series of screenings is that of transient architectures. The artists that have been chosen have therefore produced works which reflect the narrative of escape technologies, urban paranoia and mobile structure which often reference theoretical architects such as Archigram, Soleri, The Metabolosts and others. Many of the works chosen for this series utilize concrete sound and video techniques whereby the artists use straight footage and edit it in ways that reference the music concrete movement started 50 years ago.

Broken Channel
Broken Channel presents artistic interpretations of the contemporary experience of surveillance, from a range of leading international artists working in sound and video
We live in a time in which surveillance is running out of control, entering all aspects of people’s day to day lives, encountered not only in the spectacular cases of terrorist scares, but also in the mundane realities of supermarkets and motorways, store cards and credit rating, product tags and mobile phones. The spread of the control space of surveillance runs largely unchecked and unopposed, at times even celebrated, as the visible majority are only too happy to exchange their freedoms for Airmiles, Cashback, and for the assurance that it is now safe to walk back home. Hidden spaces disappear as the curtain of privacy is rolled back, and this is as much an issue for cultural difference and subculture that thrive out of the spotlight, as it is for the carjacker or the migrants without proper papers. Both a political and cultural force for change, discussion is silenced as the security blanket is inexorably rolled out. Broken Channel does not pretend to check the spread of surveillance. Rather, it seeks to simply open up alternative spaces in which discordant voice can be heard, by presenting diverse visions of a world beset by surveillance technologies, of a control society running out of control.

The National Film Board and terminus 1525 Festival approached us to curate a project that looked at propaganda footage from the decade of the 1940s in Canada. The project is called -40. Focus will be drawn to the role of propaganda films in contributing to the Canadian national identity which emerged during WWII and the following years, and to the reevaluations of these national ideals made possible through the contemporary deconstructive techniques of re-mixing, re-scoring and reediting. Issues engaged will include the contrast between linear/non-linear narratives, digital/analogue technologies, nostalgia, nationalism, and the ability to manipulate truth through different modes of authorship.
Thus all film and animation work that was produced for the NFB in the 1940s will be available for sound and video artists to use and respond to. The artists will be asked to pick a 4-5 minute segment of straight footage and re-score either sound or video work to their chosen material. Thus if a video artist chooses 5 minutes of a certain film, then they will keep the soundtrack as is and will remake a piece of video work in response to the original sound that will play along with it. The opposite is true for sound artists, in that they will retain a 5 minute segment of video and re-score the sound and subsequently the finished work will be the original video work and re-scored sound. 20 artists have been chosen in all, 10 sound and 10 video artists. The final project will be released in a limited edition run of 3,000 DVD’s and CDs plus 24-page booklet. All artists selected for this project are Canadian.

Opening Reception & Curators Talk
Friday, April 7, 8 pm