March 3, 2006 - April 1, 2006

MichaelWaterman_SoundCircuit_04Sound Circuit is an installation that explores ideas of cause and effect, location and dislocation, to create an impressive experience. Dispersed throughout the gallery, a variety of contraptions (fashioned from plastic tubes, wire, wood, and mechanical elements) emit sounds generated by plastic recorder mouth pieces, modulating pitched feedback, and baby monitor transmissions from one part of the gallery to another.

The central part of the installation is a four-foot plexiglass disc. The disc is close to the floor, under a spotlight and slowly rotating (approximately one revolution every two minutes). A collection of vaguely mechanical found objects is placed under the disc, and a series of four photoelectric sensors which function as triggers is arranged underneath the disc in a row. As the disc revolves, the objects move in and out of interference between the spotlight and the sensors, switching on and off the various components of the installation.

– Michael Waterman