March 19, 2017 - April 22, 2017

CCC is the two person collective of Angela Shackel (audio) and Braden Labonte (visual). Through their combined effort they aim to create alternative avenues to engage with ideas of history, labour, introspection and identity. Their work uses a combination of audio, immersive environments and performance to examine a topic and create a cross disciplinary experience that engages the audience in alternate modes of knowledge translation. Past projects have taken the form of audiowalks, podcasts, short plays and temporal installations. By reexamining/remixing histories CCC’s projects poke and prod around the edges of learning that are harder to define – their works explore different fields of research and wade into places of ambiguity and uncertainty.

CCC have exhibited works in Canada, Europe, the US and the UK. They have also been invited to produce audio works for such institutions as the Koffler Centre for the Arts and Project Bookmark in Toronto, The Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and Princeton University in New Jersey.