October 23, 2007 - December 1, 2007

jason_lgAn installation based on Jason’s performance during the 12th annual symposium of art, And Turned My Lie Back Into Truth Again, which took place on October 23rd, 2007.

“The primary formal components of ‘bite and burn’ include: printmaking, music, tattooing, and architecture. ‘bite and burn’ has three sections that will be actualized separately over a period of time. Each section of ‘bite and burn’ occurs in three different cities, the regions being Great Lakes region (Toronto), Pacific Coast, and Atlantic Canada. An action will take place once in each region thus completing one third of the tattoo, one third of a set of mono prints and one third of the total sculpture. Upon carrying out of the actions in each region the work will be concluded. One of these three actions took place at Open Studio in Toronto ON, one in Vancouver BC at the grunt. The third is to be announced. The printmaker, tattooist and myself will be completely enclosed in the fabricated room with in the space of the gallery. This space is constructed as a temporary room measuring 12 by 8 feet square (approximately). The viewer is only able to experience the activity by means of a vertical slit in the wall approximately two feet high by three inches wide. For three hours, in the completely

enclosed room, vinyl records (chosen from my collection of vintage 1980 metal, punk and hardcore bands) will be played for the duration of the tattooing. During this time the tattooist will produce one third of the strip of a solid black line down the length of my spine. The




Printmaker will be producing sequential prints (using BFK paper) from the

tattoo every twenty minutes resulting in several chronological mono prints. After the three hours

the music will not be continued and the printmaker, the tattooist and myself will leave the room signifying the end of the action.

A selection of the prints are hung on the walls of the room for the remainder of the exhibition. The residue of the temporary room along with the records, chairs and video footage of the action will act as reminders of the event.”

– from Jason’s website