July 30, 2015 - August 1, 2015

Thursday July 30, 8pm
Friday July 31, 9pm
Saturday August 1, 3pm and 6pm

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 125 Main Street

Presented in collaboration with Sappyfest and Mount Allison University’s
Owens Art Gallery.

Prepare to enter a magical realm where nothing is quite as it seems.

A seaside town on the edge of time.
A dream that never ends.
A giant clock.
An old man.
A whale.

The Water Thief is a living film that tells the story of 80 year old Charon
who keeps time and memory alive by maintaining a giant clock run by water,
called a clepsydra (trans. “water thief”). After the arrival of a ghostly
whale, Charon comes face to face with loss, spirits of the past and his own

The Water Thief draws upon real happenings and histories of Rockport, New
Brunswick, where filming took place. Performed by local actor Bertholet
Charron, with chilling music performed by a four-part band, under the
direction of Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink).

This piece first premiered at Toronto’s SummerWorks festival in 2014, and
was the winner of the Contra Guy Award for Outstanding New Performance Text.

Twelfth House

In 2012, The Twelfth House was established as a merger between two
Toronto-based multimedia artists, Sean Frey and Amy Siegel, with the
mandate of investigating how theatre, projection art, experimental film and
audience-immersive performance could work together in the creation of work
that is provocative, magical and visually interesting. The Twelfth House
strives to challenge conventional methods of storytelling while exploring
themes of transformation, loss, and transcendence.


Sean Frey – Co-creator and Performer
Amy Louis – Co-creator and Performer
Bee Pallomina – Choreographer and Performer
Daniela Gesundheit – Music Director and Performer
Clea Minnaker – Performance Director
Bertholet Charron – Performer
Stephen Quinlan – Creative Collaborator and Performer
Paul Chambers – Set and technical design
Noah Kenneally – Projectionist and Performer
Dan Goldman – Guitar
Evan Cartwright – Percussion
Taylor McGee – Violin
Marianne Alas – Costume Designer